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Verikleen ensure your Upholstery is cleaned in various stages, to achieve best results.


Please read on for more detailed explanation of the cleaning process…..


Stage 1:  Pre Vacuum the Upholstery.


The upholstery is given a very thorough vacuum. We vacuum to remove dry soil and dust out of the fabric, before the cleaning process.


Stage 2:  Pre Spray the Upholstery.


The upholstery is pre sprayed with an effective micro splitting cleaning solution.  The product we use does not contain detergent, optical brighteners, enzymes, solvents or caustic acids and then we let this dwell on the upholstery for 5 - 10 minutes.


Stage 3:  Clean the Upholstery:


In addition the upholstery is cleaned with a citrus pre wash.  The cleaning solution is sponged on then gently agitated in with an upholstery brush.


Stage 4:  Stain Removal:


The next step is to treat and work on any stubborn stains that haven't been removed by the cleaning so far.  We have various cleaning solutions / spot and stain removers. Please note, that even though we have a very high stain removal success rate, we cannot guarantee to remove every single stain.


Stage 5:  Rinse and Extract the Upholstery:


Now it is time to put one of our cleaning machines into action.  These superb machines, with excellent water pressure and efficient twin vacuums.  The machines work by injecting fluid onto the material and immediately extracting the fluid and loosened soil.


Stage 6:  Specialist Treatments:


This is for customers who want to have their upholstery stain protected.



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