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Other Cleaning Services

As well as cleaning Carpet and Upholstery, we can also clean the following……




  • Rugs - After colour testing, rugs are cleaned in the same manner as carpets. 


  • Mattresses - Are cleaned given a hot water extraction clean.  They are pre treated, cleaned then dried as far as is pratical. We will deep clean your mattress to ensure the safe removal of dust mites and bacteria. Unfortunately we cannot provide our mattress cleaning services to any memory foam mattresses.


  • Curtains -  Are given a low moisture clean.They are cleaned in-situ, saving the complexity of having them dry cleaned and avoids the use of harsh chemicals.


  • Leather - very carefully by hand.  The leather is cleaned, conditioned re-nourished and protected.


Please email or phone us for more details on the cleaning procedures on these items, as we would need to gather more information on your items.

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