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Carpet Cleaning Service

Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpets be cleaned professionally every 12-18 months. If carpets are not cleaned on a fairly regular basis then they can become soiled, especially in areas of high traffic density.


Allowing soil and dirt to build up can damage the carpet fibres, reducing the life of the carpet. Replacing any area of carpet will prove costly, so anything you can do to lengthen the life of the carpet, the better. Regular investment in your carpets through professional carpet cleaning will ensure they provide you with a long service life.


Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaning service? A company which specialises in carpet cleaning will have the right skills and equipment to ensure that cleaning residues are not left on the carpet. Here at Verikleen we offer a professional carpet cleaning service, and we will endeavour to make sure your carpets are clean through a series of stages, from pre-vacuuming to rinsing and extracting the fluid and dirt.


Not all spots and stains can be removed from a carpet, but the carpet cleaning system we use is the best method when it comes to the thorough cleaning of carpets, leaving them fresh, sanitised and free of dirt. 

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