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Carpet Cleaning
Verikleen ensure your carpets are cleaned in various stages, to achieve best results.

Please read on for more detailed explanation of the cleaning process…..

Stage 1: Pre Vacuum the Carpet:
Carpets are given a thorough vacuuming, including the edges, hard to reach places and the skirting boards areas. This is to remove as much dry soil, debris and dust as possible, before we start the clean.
Stage 2: Pre Spray the Carpet:
The carpet is then pre sprayed with an effective micro splitting cleaning solution. The product we use does not contain detergent, optical brighteners, enzymes, solvents or caustic acids and allow a dwell time of approx 5-10 mins.
Stage 3: Agitate the carpet:
After the Pre Spray the solution is agitated into the carpet with a carpet cleaning brush which works the solution into the carpet and lifts the pile.
Stage 4: Stain removal:
The next step is to treat and work on any stubborn stains that the pre-spray and agitation hasn’t removed. We have approx 20-30 cleaning solutions/spot and stain removers. Please note, that even though we have a very high success rate, we cannot guarantee to remove every stain.
Stage 5: Rinse and Extract the Carpet:
The carpet is cleaned with a powerful hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine. The high water pressure and heavy duty vacuums gives the carpet a deep and quality clean. It works by injecting fluid into the carpet fibres and immediately extracting the fluid and loosened dirtl.
Stage 6: Specialist Treatment:
This is for customers who want to have their carpets Stain Protected or want to have them Pest/Pet Treated. Please go to                                                       on the site for more details.
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